Tiago De Lucca

Tiago is a music producer, composer and anthropologist who has been involved in the music industry for almost two decades composing, recording, producing and performing. Tiago also holds a bachelor of anthropology in which he specialised in music-ethnology.

Over the past few years, Tiago has become renowned within Australia for producing and coordinating a vast array of music projects, relating the complex and dynamic dialogues between music and culture. Some of his projects include Abuka, Mo’gin music, Os Fosforos, Untitled, Kriola Collective, Liquid Stamp, Samba Mundi and Escuta music. Scroll down to check some of them.


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Üm Bird

Afro.funk & Soul

Mixing Funk, Jazz & Soul with World Music 

Most birds are diurnal, but some are nocturnal or crepuscular (active during twilight hours), and many coastal ones feed when the tides are appropriate, by day or night. Tiago De Lucca portrays Üm Bird de-emphasizing melody and chord progressions with strong rhythmic grooves. Think old-school influenced funky music gliding through deep beats constructed in real time. A unique electro-acoustic live set gait combining soulful vocals, strong guitar riffs and punchy beats.


Live at The Nest Creative Art Space


The musical combination extracted from the trio evolved into a very tight and high standard performance over twisted funky grooves

Abuka, the Brazilian afrojazz band plays mainly original music. Tiago is the lead singer, arranger and composer of the project. Abuka has played in many important festivals though Australia - Manly Jazz Festival, Fiesta Darling harbour, Aroma, Thredbo Jazz Festival, Viva Victoria Melbourne and so on - www.abukamusic.com



Untitled, experimental eletronic live set using samples, beats and pieces to blend it into a ludic cinematic musical journey.

Tiago De Lucca
Tiago De Lucca
Tiago De Lucca
Tiago De Lucca
Live Music
Tiago De Lucca

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